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Ready For Graduation? Here's a Handy Checklist to Make Sure


College graduation day is nearly here and you are most likely dealing with a boatload of things to worry about and take care of. Finishing up your classes is priority one, but you probably have family visiting, friends you want to spend time with, and logistics to deal with before you can actually grab your diploma, pack up, and leave. What you need is a college graduation checklist. Here’s some items to get you started. 

Forward Your Mail

Register your new address with the campus mail center. Make sure career services knows who you are and how to find you. Also be sure to change your address with any company that sends you bills. You don’t want to have those get lost, ahem, in the mail. 

Make Sure Your Accounts Are Clear

Check with your residence hall or apartment to make sure you don’t owe anything. Also check with the registrar to get your balance cleared there. It’s much easier to handle any issues on campus now than to try to deal with an unexpected bill after you leave. 

Get Your Documents Together

Before you prepare for graduation day, think about anything you might need after you leave campus. Make sure to get your student loan papers and transcripts in order. You should also think about housing contracts or things that you wrote and saved on a friend’s computer. And make sure to get contact information from anyone who might be able to give you a good reference down the road. Time for a college graduation document sub-list! 

Set an Alert to Return Your Cap and Gown

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to forget this in the hubbub of graduation day, and it’s an expensive little mistake. Don’t trust your memory. Set a reminder, or two. 

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